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 Welcome to Complete Auto Repair Service = C.A.R.S.


Thank you for letting us help you with all of your Car care needs!
Motors, Exhaust, Mufflers, oil change, Electrical and more....

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Fuel Saving tips - Complete Auto Repair Service - Bellingham WA.

Posted by D on April 15, 2019 at 8:50 AM


Fuel Saving Tips

What will help you keep your mileage down?

1) Keep your engine in proper mechanical condition with
    tune ups, clean air and fuel filters, good belts & hose.
2) Change the oil and keep it filled.
3) Keep your tires properly inflated, check them frequently for wear.
   Have them properly align the vehicles suspension and steering
   ( if you notice pulling or vibration.)
4) Have your Brakes checked.
5) Body damage on a car can add drag so try to have damage
6) Find a gas station that uses non ethanol gas.
7) Have your gas cap checked.. (approximately. 17% of the vehicles have a
    gas cap that is either damaged, loose, or missing. This can
    cause gallons of gas to vaporize.

Driving Tips

1) Try not to idle your engine for long periods.
    ( turn engine off if you leave the car or have to wait.)
2) Stop slow, Start slow & steady.
3) Slow steady speed.  Use cruise control for long trips. 
4) Keeping windows closed helps make the car more aerodynamic.
5) Carpool whenever possible or practical.
6) Empty the trunk!  Added weight decrease fuel economy.
7) Plan your route wisely and run more than one errand in your outing.


Have fun on your adventure! 

C.A.R.S. = Complete Auto Repair Service
                                                4724 pacific Hwy.
                                                      Bellingham WA. 98226
360) 922-0553

Exit 260 Off I-5
North of Bellingham WA. / South of Ferndale WA.

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Walk of Honor Car Show - Oak Harbor WA.

Posted by D on April 13, 2019 at 4:25 PM
Walk of Honor Car Show Event Dates: April 27, 2019 - April 27, 2019 Location: SE Midway Blvd & SE Pioneer Way Oak Harbor, Washington Hours Saturday 1:00pm ??? 4:00pm Registration Fees Car Entry: 20.00 Car entry includes a dash plaque. Judging People's Choice Awards Trophies and money for the top three finishers. Description The Walk of Honor Car Show will be held on Apr 27th, 2019 in Oak Harbor, Washington. *This Oak Harbor car show is held at Pioneer Street. *The Rotary Club of Oak Harbor's Annual Walk of Honor Car Show is a fundraiser held during Oak Harbor's Holland Happening celebration. *There will be food and drinks, awards, prizes Promoter Walk of Honor Car Show Website: I would appreciate it if you would list this event in your calendar of events.

CARS Bellingham is Moving

Posted by D on April 3, 2019 at 9:10 PM


CARS Complete Auto Repair Service
IS MOVING TO FERNDALE the end of APRIL 2019 !!


To: 5640 Barrett Rd. Ferndale, WA. 98248
Still located @ 4724 Pacific Hwy until end of April....   CARS
*Still located @ 4724 Pacific Hwy until end of April 2019

NEW = 5640 Barrett Rd.
            Ferndale WA. 98248

I - 5 North - Exit 262 -
- Straight a cross the exit (@ light) -Main Street / Barrett.
LOCATED on the left, just passed park & ride bus entrance.
- A crossed from WECU (Credit Union ) and Chevron Gas Station.

I - 5 South - Exit 262 - Main Street
- Left @ light (a crossed bridge).
- Right on Barrett (stop light).
- LOCATED On the left, just passed park & ride bus entrance.

- Across from:
- WECU (credit Union)
- Chevron Gas Station. ( Sam's Minimart)
- Ferndale YMCA (next to)

- Taco Bell
- McDonalds

Bellingham WA. & Ferndale WA.
Whatcom Co. Area

Engine Repair - CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service

Posted by D on April 1, 2019 at 8:45 PM

Engine Repair
It's what we do.

Imagine back when gas was a nickel and your friendly neighborhood  mechanic would pull your car in his garage and get you fixed up in no time; with a smile on his face and quality service you could count on. Nostalgic yet?


These days cars are becoming more and more complicated; with parts you couldn't imagine and wiring and electronic features you wouldn't dare try to take apart for fear you'd never get back together. On top of that, you're leading a busy life; you haven't got the time to repair the car yourself. So what can you do?  Bring your Vehicle into CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service for friendly home town service.  

Some sign's your car engine might be wearing out!

  • If your car will not start.
  • Another sure-fire sign that something might not be quite right with your engine is the legendary oil patch your car leaves behind when it’s been parked somewhere for a while.
  • the famous knocking sound.
  • seeing a lot of smog coming out of the back end of your motor.

Look out for the tell-tale signs that your engine is in need of repair.

A note on replacing parts: it’s worth checking (and double-checking) to ensure that it’s not a single part of the engine causing the problems.  The following individual bits are all capable of causing wear and tear:

  • Engine valves.  These work together, one responsible for taking in the air and fuel mixture and the other responsible for expelling exhaust.
  • Piston.  This is a piece of cylindrical metal that moves upwards and downwards within the cylinder.
  • Piston rings.  These seal off the area between the cylinder’s inner edge and the outer edge of the piston and prevent the leakage of fuel and air into the sump during the compression and combustion phases.
  • Connecting rod.  This allows the crankshaft to be connected to the piston; both ends may rotate to allow for full movement of both pistons.
  • Crankshaft.  Changes upward and downward strokes of pistons into a circular pattern, allowing the pistons to perform their function.
  • Oil sump.  Otherwise known as the oil pan, this surrounds the crankshaft.

We can't leave you on a completely negative note. Tthe fact is that the majority of problems are caused by lack of lubrication and overheating, we feel obliged to tell you that whatever you do make sure you engine is always well watered (a bit like your flower garden) and full of oil (just like the Middle East). 

In the mean time,  Keep your car in good repair and it should last you for years to come!

CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service
4724 Pacific Highway
Bellingham WA.
Exit 260  - OFF I-5

Tune up - Oil Change

Posted by D on March 15, 2019 at 9:10 PM

Oil Changes & Fluid Maintenance

Regular oil changes and fluid flushes keep your car or truck running clean. Whether you need a basic oil change or our total fluid system care package, we’ll make it easy to keep your engine in great condition. We will show you how and when to check your fluids yourself so you can avoid breakdowns and save time and money.

Regular Auto Maintenance extends the life of your vehicle, lowers emissions and helps prevent expensive repairs. You don’t have to pay high dealer service charges to keep your vehicle in top shape. We perform all required auto maintenance services to keep your warranty valid without charging high dealership service department prices.

Automotive Tune-ups

We’re electronic and mechanical tune-up experts. From adjusting timing belts to exhaust systems, we’ll keep you driving safely and smoothly. Come see the difference  careful attention to detail can make, and why most of our business comes from referrals and returning customers.

CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service
4727 Pacific Highway
Bellingham WA.


Leprechaun Daze Car Show Bellingham WA.

Posted by D on March 14, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Leprechaun Daze Car Show Bellingham WA.

Event Dates: March 17, 2019 - March 17, 2019
 Location: Bellingham, Washington
 Celebrate the Spring Season at our St. Patrick Day themed car show.
* $10 entry fee, trophies and dash plaques.
*Decorate your car and join in the fun!
*Shake off the winter cobwebs and bring flyers for your upcoming shows!
*See us at the Hardware Sales Parking Lot at 2034 King Street, Bellingham, WA. *Exit 254 Iowa Dr. off Interstate 5.
 *Approx. 9am to 2 pm.
 *Sponsored by the 4th Corner Elites Car Club of Bellingham.
 *We support Project Santa Claus and provide scholarships for automotive studies.

Info. Brought to you By:
CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service

May 2019
5640 Barrett Rd. Ferndale WA. 98248 United States  

Exit 262 Off I-5

Auto Repair / Shocks/ Tires

Posted by D on March 1, 2019 at 11:05 AM

Suspension Systems
Do you have steering issues or excessive tire wear?
This could be a sign!

Which parts solve which problems?
Idler Arms hold the steering linkage in place. By replacing worn idler arms, you canreduce vehicle wander, excessive play in the steering wheel, and abnormal tire wear.   

2.Ball Joints are the pivot points on which the front wheels turn. By replacing worn ball joints, you can reduce front -end looseness, vibration, misalignmnet and excessive tire wear.

3.Tie Rod Ends connect the steering arm to the linkage. By replacing worn tie rod ends, you can also reduce front -end looseness, vibration, misalignment and excessive tire wear.

4.Bushings help dampen front-end movement, keep body roll to a minimum, and help dampen wheel shock and vibration. Replacing worn bushings helps eliminate noise and play, and makes handling safer and more predictable.

Are your Tires Worn? 

1.Cupped Tire Wear: ( dips appearing around the edge of the tread on one side or the other) Can be caused by an unbalanced tire condition, faulty wheel bearings, or weak shock absorbers. Worn components should be replaced with new ones. The worn tire should be balanced and possibly moved to a different location on the car.                                                                      


2.Uneven Tire Wear: Can be from incorrect worn ball joints and bushings or alignment . ( When an inner or outer rib wears faster than than the rest of the tire )                             

One Side Wear    

3.Both Edges Worn: Under inflation

4.Center Treads Worn: Over inflation

5.Variable Tire Wear:     
      ( Erratically spaced bald spots ) Can be caused by a combination of weak shocks, worn control arm bushings, misalignment, and excessively loose ball joints. 

Second-rib Wear

This is just a few examples of why you need to check your tires to keep on top of your car repairs.

C.A.R.S. = Complete Auto Repair Service
4724 Pacific Hwy.
Bellingham Wa. 98226

(360) 922-0553
Exit 260 Off - I-5


We Are Moving in April 2019

Posted by D on February 25, 2019 at 7:00 AM

CARS Complete Auto Repair Service is
MOVING TO FERNDALE the end of APRIL 2019 !!

To: 5640 Barrett Rd. Ferndale, WA. 98248

Still located @ 4724 Pacific Hwy until end of April 2019 !!...

NEW = 5640 Barrett Rd.
             Ferndale WA. 98248

I - 5 North -   Exit 262 -

- Straight a cross the exit (@ light) -Main Street / Barrett.
LOCATED on the left, just passed park & ride bus entrance.
- A crossed from WECU (Credit Union ) and Chevron Gas Station.

I -5 South - Exit 262 - Main Street
- Left @ light (across the bridge).
- Right on Barrett (stop light).
- LOCATED On the left, just passed park & ride bus entrance.

- Across from:
- WECU (credit Union)
- Chevron Gas Station. ( Sam's Minimart)
- Ferndale YMCA (next to)

- Taco Bell
- McDonalds

Bellningham WA. & Ferndale WA.
Whatcom Co. Area" target="_blank">

Muffler & Exhaust - Auto Repair -Bellingham WA.

Posted by D on February 15, 2019 at 8:25 PM

Complete Auto Repair Service - C.A.R.S.

 is known throughout Whatcom Co., Bellingham Area as THE place to get a HIGH QUALITY CUSTOM EXHAUST SYSTEM installed on “your out of the ordinary” CUSTOM, EXOTIC, ANTIQUE, HOT ROD or OFF ROAD Vehicle. Jason, the owner, has over 20 years experience in custom exhaust work.

Having the exhaust repaired before it gets too loud offers the most benefit to you. Delaying a needed car exhaust repair can make it cost more. That is because continuing to drive with an exhaust leak or bad catalytic converter can damage other things in your vehicle's operating system.

Reasons to have a Good working a Exhaust System is becasue it keeps it from having :

Exhaust Leaks
You might notice the new vibration when you touch the steering wheel, foot pedals or car seat. You might or might not hear a rumbling sound, depending on the size of the damaged area. A hole, exhaust leak or disconnected exhaust system component don't just cause vibrations, they can also signal the engine is no longer running at optimum performance.

Fuel Efficiency
If you notice you have to fill up your gas tank more often than normal, have your exhaust system checked out. Similar to the vibrations, increased fuel use is a sign something is wrong with your car. When the exhaust leaks, your engine works harder. When your engine works harder, it requires more fuel.

Catalytic Converter
An intact but failing catalytic converter may sound like someone shaking a box of rocks when your vehicle is idling when parked or stopped in traffic. If you notice any of these issues, schedule an appointment for CARS muffler shop.

Complete Auto Repair Service has build custom exhaust systems for nearly everything, from Hot Rods, Classic Cars, Antique Cars,  Off Road, . 

C.A.R.S. offers Free Exhaust and Brake inspections.

Stay Safe & on the Road. Whether you own a domestic or a high performance car, we’re the place to take your car for scheduled maintenance, crucial technical repars, or even a simple oil change.

Complete Auto Repair Service  -  CARS
(360) 922-0553
4724 Pacific Hwy.
Bellingham  WA.  98226


Auto Repair Your Rights

Posted by D on January 15, 2019 at 11:25 AM


Auto Repair / Your Rights
Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Shopping for Auto Repairs

You can help avoid trouble with an unreliable or dishonest repair shop by following these tips:

•Deal only with a registered shop. Make sure there's a  State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) registration certificate inside.

•Ask your family, friends and co-workers for advice on reliable repair shops in your area, as well as those you should avoid.

•Keep all records, including estimates, invoices, work orders, receipts, guarantees and warranties. Besides their importance in case you file a repair complaint, these papers serve as your record of service, and could increase your vehicle's resale value.

•If you authorize repair work by phone, write down the date and time, the name of the person you spoke with, any estimated price quoted, and other pertinent details.

•Don't be afraid to ask questions. Management of a shop should take the time to explain required repairs and prices, discuss problems, and tell you about the training and experience of employees.

*Make sure your vehicle is serviced  and keep very clear records of your vehicle's maintenance.

  •  Do you have to return to the dealer facility for all of my car's maintenance to keep from voiding the warranty?
    The answer to this is, Absolutly Not. You can have routine service done by any competent independent service shop or garage and still maintain your warranty.
  • Do you need to use the manufacturer's original equipment parts to keep you warranty valid? NO! Automakers cannot specify the use of their or anyone else's products for your vehicle's maintenance.
  • Check your owner's manual to find out what products should be replaced and at what inervals. You may use any brand-name quality product such as CARQUEST to replace fan belts, hoses, brakes, exhausts, chassis parts, oil, or any other product needed to be replaced. ( Stated in CARQUEST Tech-Net Auto service guide)

If your car is leased are you responsible for maintenance?

  •  YES! Even if you lease a vehicle you are responsible for all maintenance and repairs.

How does the quality of aftermarket products compare with original equipment products?

  •  Today, many of the products are manufactured by the same supplier and may even be guaranteed longer than the original equipment products. Aftermarket products supplied by CARQUEST meet or exceed manugacturer's specifications.


Safe Travels From: C,.A.R.S. = Complete Auto Repair Service

We will be moving End of April 2019.
click on Location for Info. 

4724 Pacific Hwy. 
Bellingham WA. 98226 

(360) 922-0553

Exit 260 Off I-5
North of Bellingham / South of Ferndale