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CARS Newsletter

Car Maintenance. Is it time? Utah

Posted by D on August 1, 2022 at 8:10 PM

The Dirty air Filter

Do You need a new Filter?


      Sometimes, your mechanic is talking about the engine air filter, which keeps dust and debris away from essential moving parts, and sometimes the mechanic is referring to your cabin air filter, which is attached to the car's HVAC system and cleans air coming in through the vents to the passenger and driver.

     In both cases, the mechanic tells you just how dirty your filter is and then shows it to you. Inevitably, it will be black and dusty, and a few smacks loosen built-up debris.  Always make sure the filter you're seeing is the one from your car and know when your filters need replacement. Cabin air filters, for example, should be replaced every 15,000 to 20,000 miles and are usually found in the glove box or under the dash of the passenger front seat. If your windows are getting filmy or you have a cabin smell it might be time to change them.  

Finding a reputable, licensed mechanic helps you sidestep  scam's. 

The importance of good records

Most owners don't use it, but the owner's manual for your vehicle has a handy tracking sheet for recording when your oil changes were completed and at what mileage, along with reminders for other service work such as tire rotations or transmission flushes. 

Beyond the manual, it's just as critical for you to keep good records of any work done to your vehicle. This way, if a mechanic tries to overcharge you for car repairs you'll see it coming. You'll know exactly what kind of oil you need, when your air filters were changed and what type of work has been done to your car over its lifetime.

Happy record Keeping and thank you for your support from:

C.A.R.S. = Complete Auto Repair Service
(435) 637-5337

660 E. Main St. Wellington Utah  84542  /   Carbon County 
next to Post Office
North of Moab,   South of Price, Helper, Ogden, Provo Utah
ye Old Kwik Lube & Tire

Fuel Saving tips - Complete Auto Repair Service - Utah

Posted by D on July 30, 2022 at 8:50 AM


Fuel Saving Tips 

What will help you keep your mileage down?

1) Keep your engine in proper mechanical condition with
    tune ups, clean air and fuel filters, good belts & hose.
2) Change the oil and keep it filled.
3) Keep your tires properly inflated, check them frequently for wear.
   Have them properly align the vehicles suspension and steering
   ( if you notice pulling or vibration.)
4) Have your Brakes checked.
5) Body damage on a car can add drag so try to have damage
6) Find a gas station that uses non ethanol gas.
7) Have your gas cap checked.. (approximately. 17% of the vehicles have a
    gas cap that is either damaged, loose, or missing. This can
    cause gallons of gas to vaporize.

Driving Tips

1) Try not to idle your engine for long periods.
    ( turn engine off if you leave the car or have to wait.)
2) Stop slow, Start slow & steady.
3) Slow steady speed.  Use cruise control for long trips. 
4) Keeping windows closed helps make the car more aerodynamic.
5) Carpool whenever possible or practical.
6) Empty the trunk!  Added weight decrease fuel economy.
7) Plan your route wisely and run more than one errand in your outing.

Have fun on your adventure! 

C.A.R.S. = Complete Auto Repair Service
           660 E Main St   Wellington Utah  84542
(435)  637-5337     

Hight way 191 / 6     Next to Post Office 

Tune UP & Tires In Carbon County Utah CARS

Posted by D on July 20, 2022 at 9:45 PM
Tune UP and Tires

We have a great new shop and we are ready to help get you back on the road. 
Tune Up : Regular vehicle maintenance and inspections can help improve a vehicle's fuel efficiency, achieve peak performance and even help avoid major repairs down the road.
                 Check List:   Oil Change
                                      Belts, Hose, Brakes

Tires : Checking your tires is crucial in the summer. Long road trips with large loads and high temperatures can stress them to the max.
          The minimum acceptable tread depth is 3/32 inch. This is about the distance from the edge of a penny to the top of Abe's head. But, if you are leaving on a trip, you wouldn't want the minimum tread.


          While you're looking at the tire tread, keep an eye out for an uneven wear pattern. “Uneven” means the tire is more worn on one edge. This usually means you need a wheel alignment. Also, run your fingers along the tread and feel for lumps. The presence of lumps could mean that the tire is not balanced correctly.

CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service encourages motorists to bring their vehicle in for a multi-point vehicle inspection this spring. The inspections help identify service items that can help vehicles run better and better, last longer, and retain their value.  We also have a diesel Mechanic on sight.

CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service
660  E. Main St.   Wellington Utah  / Carbon County
(435) 637-5337
Hwy 191  /  6   Next to Post Office
North of Moab  / South of Price, Helper, Salt Lake City Utah
Ye Old Kwik Lube & Tire.

Clutch Repair at CARS Auto Repair Utah

Posted by D on July 15, 2022 at 5:20 PM

Clutch Repair  Utah

The clutch in your vehicle works by applying force against a flywheel mated to your engine using a clutch disc and pressure plate. The clutch is made of friction material and is designed to "grab" the flywheel as it turns. 

 Over time, your clutch disc will wear down and begin to slip. When this happens, you will have trouble accelerating in any gear because the clutch will lose the ability to "grab" the flywheel. At this point, the clutch disc will need to be fixed.  

 Come See the experts at Complete Auto Repair Service = C.A.R.S.  to help you diagnose your clutch problems and get your car back on the road.

660 E. Main St.  Wellington Utah  /  Carbon county
Hwy 191  /  6    Next to Post Office
(435) 637-5337
NOrth of Moab  /   South of Price, Helper, Ogden, Provo Utah
new Phone # and web page soon


CARS Carbon County UT = Happy 4 of July

Posted by D on July 3, 2022 at 3:00 AM

CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service 

We would like to wish you all a safe and Happy 4th of July

Respect our flag, our people and our country.

Happy 4th of JUlY = FREEDOM!

If you didn't get a chance I hope you will take a look at our
CARS Newsletter   =       https//

660 E Main St
Wellington Utah 84542
(435)  637-5337 




Diesel Mechanic on Sight CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service

Posted by D on July 1, 2022 at 10:20 PM

Diesel Repair in Utah
Full-Service Preventative Maintenance Diesel Repair

We Specialize in Light to Medium Duty Diesel Vehicles. We Provide Performance Upgrades, Steering, glow plugs, and more.  We can help you get your Engine ready .  Open Monday-Friday.  Stop by and Talk to Andrew for service.

Complete Auto Repair Service
660 E Main St.   Wellington Utah  84542   Next to Post Office

Highway 191 / 6  
North of Moab
South of Price, Helper, Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, UT

Radiator Repair - Utah - CARS,

Posted by D on July 1, 2022 at 5:00 PM


     Most people know the green stuff in your radiator keeps your engine from turning into a block of ice in the winter, but did you know that it also helps keep things cool in the summer? All too often people are driving around with just water in their radiator because they think they don't need the green stuff until it gets cold. 

     Radiator coolant actually raises the boiling point of the water, allowing it to carry more heat away from the engine, and that means cooler running. If you're running low, things can get steamy fast.

     Luckily it only takes a second to check your coolant level. Most cars these days have an opaque coolant overflow tank right next to the radiator. It's white plastic, but you can see inside to see if there's enough juice to keep things safe. You'll also see markings on the side telling you the low and high levels to work with. Always check your coolant level when the car is cold.

     If your levels are good, no need to go any further, enjoy the peace of mind. But if you're low, you'll need to top it off. Your engine takes a 50/50 mixture of coolant and water. In the old days, you had to make measurements yourself and test the mixture to get it right. But since we live in the age of convenience, you can now buy premixed coolant that's ready to pour. For a simple topping off, I recommend going this route. It might cost a buck more, but you're in for much less mess.

:)The best way to prevent over heating is doing regular maintenance on your vehicle.

If your engine is overheating shortly after you leave, or it heats up even on short trips, you should check the following possible causes and repair suggestions.

Possible Causes:

1.Engine coolant level may be very low.

The Fix: Refill coolant to proper level.

2. Engine's drive belts may be broken or slipping.

The Fix: Tighten or replace belts.

3. The electric cooling fan may not be coming on.

The Fix: Repair or replace cooling fan. Repair wiring. Replace cooling fan temp sensor.

4. The ignition timing may be set wrong.

The Fix: Adjust ignition timing.

5. There may be a vacuum leak.

The Fix: Check and replace vacuum lines as required.

6. The engine may have mechanical problems.

The Fix: Check compression to determine engine condition.

7. The engine's thermostat may be stuck closed.

The Fix: Replace thermostat.

8. There may be a leak in the cooling system.

The Fix: Repair leak and refill coolant. Cylinder head gasket(s) may be bad.

The Fix: Replace cylinder head gasket(s).

Stay Safe and on the Road with  CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service
660 E. Main St.  Wellington Utah 84542/  Carbon county
Hwy 191  / 6      Next to Post Office
North of Moab  /  South of Price, Helper, Provo, Salt Lake City Utah

Tire Repair - CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service

Posted by D on June 30, 2022 at 8:45 AM

Tire Repair
in Utah
We can mount and Balance 

CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service

You should check the condition of your tires' treads.

The minimum acceptable tread depth is 3/32 inch. This is about the distance from the edge of a penny to the top of Abe's head. But, if you are leaving on a trip, you wouldn't want the minimum tread.

While you're looking at the tire tread, keep an eye out for an uneven wear pattern. ?Uneven? means the tire is more worn on one edge. This usually means you need a wheel alignment. Also, run your fingers along the tread and feel for lumps. The presence of lumps could mean that the tire is not balanced correctly.

Make sure that you have the correct tire pressure in all five tires.

What constitutes correct tire pressure?

All Tires are different and have the recomended tire pressure on the side of the tire. You can also us what your vehicle manufacturer recommends, which should be listed on the side of the driver's door, on the glove compartment door, or in the owner's manual.

Don't confuse the ?maximum tire pressure? listed on the sidewall of the tire with the ?recommended tire pressure? provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Remember that tire pressure will increase as the outside air temperature rises. In fact, tire pressure will go up approximately one pound for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit. So, tires that were at 35 PSI back in January when you drove to the slopes could easily be closing in on 45 pounds on a hot July day. Under some conditions that increase in pressure is enough to blow the tire! If nothing else, a tire that's overinflated will wear prematurely and will cause the car to handle and brake poorly.

You also have to remember friction. As you drive, there's friction between the tires and the road. Friction means heat--and heat means an increase in tire pressure. So, here's what to do about your car's tire pressure: Check the tire pressure before you start driving. If the recommended pressure is 35 PSI, for example, it means 35 PSI before you start driving. If you check the tire pressure when you stop to get gas two hours later, it will be much higher than 35 PSI. If you check it at this point?after you've been driving--there is no way to know what the correct tire pressure should be. You'll be tempted to let air out of the tires, because the tire pressure will be greater than 35 PSI. Do not do this, because the tires will be under inflated.


CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service
(435)  637-5337
660 E Main St   Wellington Utah  84542
Highway 191 / 6   Next to Post Office
North of Moab
South of Price, Helper, Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden UT

Summer Time Travel =CARS Auto Repair Utah

Posted by D on June 30, 2022 at 7:25 AM

Complete Auto Repair Service
660 E. Main St. Wellington Utah 84542  /  Carbon County
Hwy 191  /  6      Next to Post Office
(435)  637-5337

Summer Time Travel

 Think about having your vehicle checked out! It does'nt matter how fast the vehicle goes if it won't stop. Stop by for a  brake inspection, we'll also check the belts, hoses & fluids, important for the long summer road trips.  
   We can help with tires, tune-up, Alignments, Off road needs, Most any car repairs including Diesel repair you might have on the road.  We know what it's like to break down on the road and we do our best to get you up and running ASAP.

Also think about checking your tire pressure often ( you can loose as much as 15% fuel milage with low tires ). Make sure your windows are clean and the wiper blades are good for those peskey summer showers.

Stop by for an Appointment today.

North of Moab  /  South of Price, Helper,  Ogden, Salt Lake City  UT

Door's Open at CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service Utah

Posted by D on June 21, 2022 at 1:20 AM
June 20, 2022
We Opened our Doors today in Utah
We are happy to be open after a Month of Moving." target="_blank">

We hope we can keep up Dave and his Crews Good Reputation but it may take us a bit to get started.
There is a lot to Opening a business in a new location. 
Phone # = (435) 637-5337
Web page =                                                      
Facebook Page = 
We look forward to getting to know you and hopefuly getting to play in this wonderful area.
The Crew at CARS
Next to Post Office
660 E. Main St. Wellington UT 84542
Hwy 191  /  6
North of Moab Utah
South of Price, Helper, in Carbon County UT

CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service - Utah

Posted by D on June 16, 2022 at 12:15 AM


C.A.R.S. =Complete Auto Repair Service
ASE Certified        

How dose this benefit you?

        1) (ASE) = Automotive Service Excellence =  finding a competent auto repair tecnician. 
              A)  They take a series of national certification exams covering all the major automotive
                    repair and service specialties.
              B)  The result: an elite group of automotive service professionals that work in repair
                   establishments throughout the nation.

Why Use ASE Certified Auto Technicians?
        1)  ASE certification takes much of the guesswork out of finding a competent technician.
             A) Years ago cars were simpler, less complex.  But today they are High-tech.
             B) A mistake can be costy.
             C) It makes sense to protect your car with a certified professional.
        2)  ASE program are voluntary, so technicians who take the program to above and beyond.

How Does ASE Certification Work?
        1)  Twice a year across the country technicians take exams.
             A) When all 8 exams are passed the Technician earns a Master Auto Technician status.
             B) Technicians recertify every five years.
             C) ASE certifies individual technicians not repair shops.
         2)   Repair facilities employing ASE-certified technicians display the blue and white
              ASE sign.

 Shop owners who encourage the technicians to become ASE certified show concern about the other aspects of their business
Look for a repair facility before you need one.
     * Ask friends for recommendations.
     * Make arrangements for transportation so you won't feel force to choose a shop solely on location.
     * Look for courteous staff.
     * Look for policies regarding  * labor rates               * methods of payment
                                                          * Diagnostic fees      * guarantees                     *etc.
      * Look for signs of community or customer service awards.
      * Look for the ASE sign.

NEW Shop Opening in Utah
660 E. Main St. Wellington Utah / Carbon County
Hwy 191
North of Moab / South of Price, Helper, Salt Lake City Utah
Open June 20, 2022
(435) 637-5337
Former Kwik Lube and Tire.

This shop still open
C.A.R.S. = Complete Auto Repair Service
660 E. Main St. Wellington UT 84542
(435) 637-5337
Hwy 191  / 6

Diesel Repair at CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service - Utah

Posted by D on June 2, 2022 at 10:45 PM

Diesel Repair Now  Avalable

CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service

Open June 20, 2022
600 E Main St. Wellington Utah 84542 / Carbon County
Hwy 191  / 6    Next to Post Office
North of Moab / South of Price, Helper & Salt Lake City Utah


Sight of old Kwik Lube & Tire.
MAP" target="_blank">


Stop on by and talk to Andrew about all your Diesel Repair need's at the New Shop

Auto Repair in Carbon county Utah = Safety First

Posted by D on May 15, 2022 at 8:25 AM

CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service Say's -  Safety First

Keep Your Engine Tuned Up       

It's up to you: Dirty or Clean?
     Car care is a win - win situation:
           *Help's the environment
           *Your car will run more efficiently
           *Will be safer
           *Improves your resale value

  • Keeping it clean
                              Change the spark plugs:.       A misfiring spark plug can reduce fuel efficiency as much as 30%.
    Service you Air conditioner:   
                              According to the Environmental Protection Agency, almost 1/3 of CFCs released into the atmosphere come from mobile air conditioners.  
                                                            *Have it serviced by a technician who is certified to
                                                             handle / recycle refrigerants. 
                                                            * It is importatnt to use a qualified technician because leaks can occur during service / repair.
          D.I.Y. = Do it Yourselfers:          Dispose of used motor oil, anti-freeze / coolant, tires, & old batteries  properly.  ( call your local                                                                        municipal or county gov. or recycling sites.)
                                                                     {Each year D.I.Y.s dump twenty times more than by the tanker Exxon Valdez.}
         Of course there is always:          Other things to check = Oil Change, Belts, Hoses, Battery, Tire Inflation
                                                                   and more....

Enjoy your Vehicle more by keeping it running smoothly.

C.A.R.S. = Complete Auto Repair Service
660 E. Main St.  Wellington UT  84542 / Carbon County
Highway 191 / 6      Next to Post Office
North of Moab / South of Pirce, Helper, Salt Lake City Utah





Stock car racing Price Utah

Posted by D on May 5, 2022 at 7:15 PM


May 7 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

May 6-7 Race


May 20-21 Feature ASCS Sprint Cars


June 3-4 Race


June 24-25 Feature 305’s


July 15-16 Race


July 22-23 Feature WWMT


August 5-6 Race


August 19-20 Feature Sport Compacts


September 4-5 High Plaines Late Models


September 16-17 Feature Dwarf Mod Lights


September 22-24 The Castle Country Clash

Jeep - That is what we do at Cars Carbon County UT

Posted by D on April 30, 2022 at 12:10 PM

 Complete Auto Repair Service
We love


No one can say with certainty where the name "Jeep" first came to mean the all-wheel-drive truck the U.S. Army needed urgently for World War II. Theories include Oklahoma oilman slang, a dimension-jumping character from a "Popeye" cartoon and the shortening of the letters G and P -- from the "general purpose" vehicle requested by the Army. There's even one photo from testing in 1941 that calls it a "peep." Wherever it came from, the Jeep knew where it was headed by Aug. 1, 1941 -- off to war.

The Jeep was born from a bid by the U.S. Army for a small, all-terrain vehicle with four-wheel-drive. Developed in just seven weeks, with bits of design from three different automakers, Detroit eventually built more than 1 million for victory in World War II. Ernie Pyle called the Jeep "as faithful as a dog, as strong as a mule and agile as a goat." After the war, Willys-Overland sold them as glorified farm implements, complete with a power takeoff hitch. The rest you know. Here's an example of the excitement from the Jeep's birth, as it goes through testing around Ford in the winter of 1941.

found at: http//

When you need toys for your Jeep's Call Complete Autor Repair Service.  We will be able to find you what you need!  Lights, winch, belt puls, hooks and a lot more.  

Complete Auto Repair Service
660 E. Main St. Wellington UT 84542

(435) 637-5337


Next to :  Post Office

On Hwy 191 / 6


North of Moab
South of Price, Helper, Salt Lake City, Provo Utah


(534) 637-5337
(old Kwik Lube and Tire)


Car Maintenance Wellington UT - Carbon Co. UT

Posted by D on April 15, 2022 at 12:30 PM

Complete Auto Repair Service
660 E. Main St   Wellington UT 84542
 On Hwy 191 / 6       Next to Post Office

Carbon Co.,Wellington,Price,Moab,Provo


 Your vehicle has hundreds of moving parts all working together. Through normal driving, over time, some of these parts simply wear out or no longer perform the way they should.

To make sure that your vehicle is running at its best, your vehicle manufacturer recommends that certain parts and systems are checked at certain intervals. By following their recommendations, more costly repairs down the road may be avoided.


 Repairs are services that are required or necessary when something on your vehicle is not working properly. Also, when your vehicle has worn to the point where a replacement is required to maintain the performance of your vehicle.

The schedule for performing these maintenance services varies from vehicle to vehicle. You will find the schedule for your vehicle in your owner's manual. Following this schedule is the best way to make sure your vehicle is performing as it should.

 We offer Maintenance Services that follow the schedule as recommended in your owner's manual.

Oil Change

Maintenance Tune-Up

Transmission Service

Radiator Service

Vehicle Inspection

Muffler / Exhaust service

Other Services = Mufflers, Brakes, Exhaust, Headlights, Tune-ups & much more....
Hours: M-F 8-5, Sat By Apt. Sun. Closed


Animals in the Engine - CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service

Posted by D on March 30, 2022 at 9:30 PM

Animals  In Your Car   

      I thought I would share some information regarding animals nesting in cars. You most likely will not know you have this problem unless something smell like it's cooking/ burning or someone has opened the hood of your car and shared this with you, a Squirrel decides to store your garden produce or you have had a animal related problem with your car before.
     The little critters can cause literally thousands of dollars in damage in a very short period of time. What you generally will find is anything from animal droppings, wire insulation chewed through, under hood sound insulation ripped away from the underside of the hood and stored on the engine, dog food stored under hood, damage to plastic or rubber components or the worst is when they get into the cars heating/air conditioning system and die.
     See Below for Idea's to help keep your car from having a critter problem. 

CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service
660 E. Main St. Wellington UT 84542
(435) 637-5337


Hwy 191 / 6  Next to Post Office
North of Moab
South of Price, Helper, Salt Lace City Utah

On Hwy 191 / 6
(435) 637-5337

Leave the hood up. Rodents are looking for a dark place to nest. This idea could help discourage nesting, but may not be the ultimate solution.

Hide your dog food, cat food, and birdseed. Dog food is the gold standard of rat society. Rats will stuff pounds and pounds of it into the air cleaner, glove compartment, or other empty spaces in your car.

Remove or seal off rat hiding places near the car. Cut down nearby thick shrubbery and vines where they can hide. If you have a garage, block rat-sized entrances to the building, or spray openings with substances that rats hate (see below).

Block small entrances to the vehicle engine compartment. Some car owners place traps around the vehicle or on top of the wheels, since rats climb wheels to get into the engine. Some block engine openings with wire screen.

Use electronic deterrent devices. Rodents can hear ultrasounds that we cannot, and it annoys them. Some learn to ignore it. Those with strobe lights like Mouse Blocker or Rid-a-Rat may work for longer periods, as they disrupt the darkness that rats prefer.

Make your engine and its entrances smell bad, at least to rats. Motorists have had success with peppermint oil, powdered fox urine, used cat litter, cat hair, dog hair, Pine-Sol, Irish Spring soap, red pepper, and laundry dryer sheets. The people who make "Rataway" tell you to spray it on all the wires in the engine.

Do not let the car sit unused. Drive it once in a while to discourage rats from doing mechanical or electrical work.

Finally: use traps to remove the rats who get through. The old-fashioned snap traps still work. Glue traps work too but may torture the rat. Humane cage traps may work, but relocating the varmints can be a temporary fix.. Toxic baits do kill rats eventually, but are likely to also poison predators, including domestic animals and pets.

Auto Repair in Utah CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service

Posted by D on March 16, 2022 at 3:55 AM


Is Your Car in Good Condition?

This is a list of some things you should check and get fixed so you will be ready when you want to pack up and head for the snow!

Batteries are much weaker in cold weather, so keep your vehicle’s battery fully charged.

Brakes should be checked and serviced if necessary. Even braking on all four wheels will lessen the chance of skids on slippery roads.

Exhaust = Make sure your vehicle’s exhaust system has no leaks. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and can accumulate quickly in closed vehicles.

Wiper Blades = Make sure your wiper blades are in good condition. Keep the windshield washer reservoir filled with antifreeze solvent.

Cooling System = Check the radiator, heater core and all hoses that carry anti-freeze solution to see that they are in good condition and free of leaks. Also check to see that the solution is good to at least 40 below zero.

Oil = Make sure you have winter weight oil (usually 5W-30) in the engine.

Tires = should have M+S or All Season tread and be in good condition.

•Emergencies can happen when you least expect them, so be sure to carry a winter survival kit in your vehicle.

C.A.R.S. = Complete Auto Repair Serivce
(435) 637-5337
660 E. Main St.   Wellington Utah 84542   Carbon County

on Hwy 191 / 6     Next to Post Office|  

North of Moab
South of Price, Helper, Ogden, Salt Lake City Utah


Off Road headlights - CARS Auto Repair - Utah

Posted by D on February 15, 2022 at 8:35 AM



When you are ready to fix your old headlights, CARS Utah can help.

Winter is here and Headlights help keep you safe. 

  •  If you find your head lights are too dim, you might like to add LED  lights to add brightness.
     Jeep bar lights are great for camping.
    We have lights to add your cars & camper for  Ambiance and out door lighting.  
    We would be happy to show you Idea's that you might like.

CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service 
660 E Main St. Wellington UT 84542
Highway 191 / 6      Next to Post Office
(435) 637-5337 
MAP / Directions 
Other Services =  Mufflers, Brakes, Exhaust, Tune-ups & much more....

Hours: M-F 8-5, Sat By Apt. Sun. Closed

Carbon County Utah, 
North of Moab UT
South of
Price UT, Helper UT, 
Salt Lake City UT,
Provo UT
Ogden UT