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Animals in the Engine - CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service

Posted by D on November 1, 2019 at 9:30 PM


Animals  In Your Car

I thought I would share some information regarding animals nesting in cars. You most likely will not know you have this problem unless something smell like it's cooking/ burning or someone has opened the hood of your car and shared this with you, a squral decides to store your garden produce or you have had a animal related problem with your car before. The little critters can cause literally thousands of dollars in damage in a very short period of time. What you generally will find is anything from aniaml droppings, wire insulation chewed through, under hood sound insulation ripped away from the underside of the hood and stored on the engine, dog food stored under hood, damage to plastic or rubber components or the worst is when they get into the cars heating/air conditioning system and die.  Some estimates can cost from the dealership up to $5000.00.  I think we can do better than that!  If someone lets you know you have animal activity under your cars hood my advice is to take action to fend off the little critters or you may find you have more trouble than you bargained for. 

CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service
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