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Winch - Gotta have one!

Posted by D on January 1, 2021 at 9:00 AM

Complete Auto Repair Service = C.A.R.S. thanks you for your support.

Winch = Gotta have one! 

     Picking recovery equipment for your vehicle is a bit like selecting a 4wd.  First, you need to examine where, when and what you are going to be doing - then selecting the equipment most suitable.

I tend to overkill on the equipment I carry around, mainly because I have been stuck in situations where I had wished I had brought such and such along. But then again I go looking for it. Its my job and my hobby!!

 I carry many other Items for your Off Road adventures.

How Often and how hard will you probably use the winch?
This is an important factor in deciding what type of winch motor you will want to buy. We can help you with that decision.

What is your budget?
For many of us, it all comes down to available dollars and this is what is going to dictate what winch we are going to buy.  We have to be frugal. So for those of use on a budget, we have to decide how much money we have available. This dollar amount will have to cover the winch, the accessories and possibly a new front bumper or mounting kit, &  installation.
The battery is an integral part of of your electrical system. Without it, you're practically dead in the water, or dead on the trail miles from civilization and help, so you may choose to have a second battery.

 Winch kit
With your winch, it would be worthwhile having a ground anchor, extension strap(s) and winch kit.

We love our toy's don't we? a Winch makes it more fun. One brand I carry is BULLDOG, it offers an extensive line of Truck, Mid-Range and ATV winches with a broad assortment of accessories designed for the off-road and racing enthusiast.

If your getting out on the raod or out in the wilderness we can help you build your TOY!

Happy trails to you!
 Complete Auto Repair Service  = C.A.R.S.
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