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Auto Repair / Shocks/ Tires

Posted by D on March 1, 2019 at 11:05 AM

Suspension Systems
Do you have steering issues or excessive tire wear?
This could be a sign!

Which parts solve which problems?
Idler Arms hold the steering linkage in place. By replacing worn idler arms, you canreduce vehicle wander, excessive play in the steering wheel, and abnormal tire wear.   

2.Ball Joints are the pivot points on which the front wheels turn. By replacing worn ball joints, you can reduce front -end looseness, vibration, misalignmnet and excessive tire wear.

3.Tie Rod Ends connect the steering arm to the linkage. By replacing worn tie rod ends, you can also reduce front -end looseness, vibration, misalignment and excessive tire wear.

4.Bushings help dampen front-end movement, keep body roll to a minimum, and help dampen wheel shock and vibration. Replacing worn bushings helps eliminate noise and play, and makes handling safer and more predictable.

Are your Tires Worn? 

1.Cupped Tire Wear: ( dips appearing around the edge of the tread on one side or the other) Can be caused by an unbalanced tire condition, faulty wheel bearings, or weak shock absorbers. Worn components should be replaced with new ones. The worn tire should be balanced and possibly moved to a different location on the car.                                                                      


2.Uneven Tire Wear: Can be from incorrect worn ball joints and bushings or alignment . ( When an inner or outer rib wears faster than than the rest of the tire )                             

One Side Wear    

3.Both Edges Worn: Under inflation

4.Center Treads Worn: Over inflation

5.Variable Tire Wear:     
      ( Erratically spaced bald spots ) Can be caused by a combination of weak shocks, worn control arm bushings, misalignment, and excessively loose ball joints. 

Second-rib Wear

This is just a few examples of why you need to check your tires to keep on top of your car repairs.

C.A.R.S. = Complete Auto Repair Service
4724 Pacific Hwy.
Bellingham Wa. 98226

(360) 922-0553
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