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Mufflers & Exhaust -Cars Carbon County UT

Posted by D on August 30, 2022 at 8:30 PM

Mufflers and Exhaust for you off Road Jeep

Nothing sets a power purist’s hair standing on end like the throaty rumble of a performance exhaust system. Low and intimidating under idle, booming and ferocious at full bore—it’s the voice of your engine warning slowpokes to step aside. But with tons of options to sift through, finding the right aftermarket exhaust system for your car, truck or SUV can leave some people speechless.

Performance Exhaust vs. Factory Exhaust

  • The mufflers used in your factory exhaust system are designed to provide quiet operation by sacrificing some exhaust flow. High performance exhaust systems on the other hand, use mufflers with less flow-restricting chambers and baffles in them
  • Performance exhaust systems use mandrel bent tubing. This eliminates the restrictive bends commonly found in OEM exhaust systems by mechanically forcing the tubing to retain its round profile around bends. This results in greatly improved exhaust flow
  • By using mandrel bent tubing and free flowing mufflers, performance exhaust systems increase horsepower, torque and if you can resist using the extra power, fuel economy
  • If you want your ride to have a powerful tone, a performance exhaust system is the best way to get it. That’s because unlike your near-silent OEM mufflers, the mufflers that come in performance exhaust systems are generally engineered to produce a race-inspired rumble
  • Some vehicles are stuck with a plain-looking muffler hanging under the rear bumper. So to improve your ride’s rear-styling, many of our exhaust systems replace your ugly OEM muffler with a beautiful performance Muffler that’s fitted with a polished tip.

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