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Engine Repair - CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service

Posted by D on April 1, 2019 at 8:45 PM

Engine Repair
It's what we do.

Imagine back when gas was a nickel and your friendly neighborhood  mechanic would pull your car in his garage and get you fixed up in no time; with a smile on his face and quality service you could count on. Nostalgic yet?


These days cars are becoming more and more complicated; with parts you couldn't imagine and wiring and electronic features you wouldn't dare try to take apart for fear you'd never get back together. On top of that, you're leading a busy life; you haven't got the time to repair the car yourself. So what can you do?  Bring your Vehicle into CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service for friendly home town service.  

Some sign's your car engine might be wearing out!

  • If your car will not start.
  • Another sure-fire sign that something might not be quite right with your engine is the legendary oil patch your car leaves behind when it’s been parked somewhere for a while.
  • the famous knocking sound.
  • seeing a lot of smog coming out of the back end of your motor.

Look out for the tell-tale signs that your engine is in need of repair.

A note on replacing parts: it’s worth checking (and double-checking) to ensure that it’s not a single part of the engine causing the problems.  The following individual bits are all capable of causing wear and tear:

  • Engine valves.  These work together, one responsible for taking in the air and fuel mixture and the other responsible for expelling exhaust.
  • Piston.  This is a piece of cylindrical metal that moves upwards and downwards within the cylinder.
  • Piston rings.  These seal off the area between the cylinder’s inner edge and the outer edge of the piston and prevent the leakage of fuel and air into the sump during the compression and combustion phases.
  • Connecting rod.  This allows the crankshaft to be connected to the piston; both ends may rotate to allow for full movement of both pistons.
  • Crankshaft.  Changes upward and downward strokes of pistons into a circular pattern, allowing the pistons to perform their function.
  • Oil sump.  Otherwise known as the oil pan, this surrounds the crankshaft.

We can't leave you on a completely negative note. Tthe fact is that the majority of problems are caused by lack of lubrication and overheating, we feel obliged to tell you that whatever you do make sure you engine is always well watered (a bit like your flower garden) and full of oil (just like the Middle East). 

In the mean time,  Keep your car in good repair and it should last you for years to come!

CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service
4724 Pacific Highway
Bellingham WA.
Exit 260  - OFF I-5

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