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Fuel Saving tips - Complete Auto Repair Service - Utah

Posted by D on July 30, 2022 at 8:50 AM


Fuel Saving Tips 

What will help you keep your mileage down?

1) Keep your engine in proper mechanical condition with
    tune ups, clean air and fuel filters, good belts & hose.
2) Change the oil and keep it filled.
3) Keep your tires properly inflated, check them frequently for wear.
   Have them properly align the vehicles suspension and steering
   ( if you notice pulling or vibration.)
4) Have your Brakes checked.
5) Body damage on a car can add drag so try to have damage
6) Find a gas station that uses non ethanol gas.
7) Have your gas cap checked.. (approximately. 17% of the vehicles have a
    gas cap that is either damaged, loose, or missing. This can
    cause gallons of gas to vaporize.

Driving Tips

1) Try not to idle your engine for long periods.
    ( turn engine off if you leave the car or have to wait.)
2) Stop slow, Start slow & steady.
3) Slow steady speed.  Use cruise control for long trips. 
4) Keeping windows closed helps make the car more aerodynamic.
5) Carpool whenever possible or practical.
6) Empty the trunk!  Added weight decrease fuel economy.
7) Plan your route wisely and run more than one errand in your outing.

Have fun on your adventure! 

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