CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service
        Carbon Co. Utah

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CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service - Utah

Posted by D on June 16, 2022 at 12:15 AM


C.A.R.S. =Complete Auto Repair Service
ASE Certified        

How dose this benefit you?

        1) (ASE) = Automotive Service Excellence =  finding a competent auto repair tecnician. 
              A)  They take a series of national certification exams covering all the major automotive
                    repair and service specialties.
              B)  The result: an elite group of automotive service professionals that work in repair
                   establishments throughout the nation.

Why Use ASE Certified Auto Technicians?
        1)  ASE certification takes much of the guesswork out of finding a competent technician.
             A) Years ago cars were simpler, less complex.  But today they are High-tech.
             B) A mistake can be costy.
             C) It makes sense to protect your car with a certified professional.
        2)  ASE program are voluntary, so technicians who take the program to above and beyond.

How Does ASE Certification Work?
        1)  Twice a year across the country technicians take exams.
             A) When all 8 exams are passed the Technician earns a Master Auto Technician status.
             B) Technicians recertify every five years.
             C) ASE certifies individual technicians not repair shops.
         2)   Repair facilities employing ASE-certified technicians display the blue and white
              ASE sign.

 Shop owners who encourage the technicians to become ASE certified show concern about the other aspects of their business
Look for a repair facility before you need one.
     * Ask friends for recommendations.
     * Make arrangements for transportation so you won't feel force to choose a shop solely on location.
     * Look for courteous staff.
     * Look for policies regarding  * labor rates               * methods of payment
                                                          * Diagnostic fees      * guarantees                     *etc.
      * Look for signs of community or customer service awards.
      * Look for the ASE sign.

NEW Shop Opening in Utah
660 E. Main St. Wellington Utah / Carbon County
Hwy 191
North of Moab / South of Price, Helper, Salt Lake City Utah
Open June 20, 2022
(435) 637-5337
Former Kwik Lube and Tire.

This shop still open
C.A.R.S. = Complete Auto Repair Service
660 E. Main St. Wellington UT 84542
(435) 637-5337
Hwy 191  / 6

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