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Belts & Hoses                                                       Bellingham WA / Ferndale WA  / Whatcom County

One way to prevent holes from forming in your hoses is by preforming regular checks. If you notice any cracks, leaks or hardening, in your hoses or belt, you’ll want to get the hose or belt replaced because eventually it will lead to a bigger issue.

The Importance of Belts

Over time and thousands of twists and turns, your belts can develop soft and hard spots. If left untreated, these areas can become susceptible to breakage. When a belt snaps, you can become stranded or cause thousands of dollars in damage if your internal components get off track.

The belts in your car act in a similar manner in controlling many essential functions for movement. For example, your timing belt helps synchronize the movement of your car’s camshaft, and your serpentine belt is responsible for turning your alternator and air conditioning compressor.

Hose Help

Hoses are similar to belts, only instead turning and rotating, they help circulate liquids and gases throughout your vehicle. One of the more common hoses for issues is the radiator hose, which is responsible for transporting hot coolant from the engine to the radiator for cooling. If there is a hole in your radiator, your engine won’t be able to cool properly.

Some problems associated with overheated engines include:

  • Rod breaking and damage to cylinder walls
  • Blown head gasket
  • Radiator damage

Belts and hoses serve some of the most integral functions in keeping your car running properly. Belts ensure that your internal components move as they should, and hoses help liquids and gases move throughout the engine compartment and around your vehicle. If a belt breaks or a hose gets a leak, you’ll be in big trouble, so it’s very important to take steps to prevent issues from occurring.

If you are having issues with your belts or hoses, or if it’s been a while since you had a professional inspect them, stop on in to CARS = Complete Auto Repair Service
                               4724 Pacific Highway
                               Bellingham WA.  98226
                               (360) 922-0553

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