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  Fuel Injection

  Fuel injection services can do amazing things. They can improve fuel efficiency, increase horse power, and repair some performance concerns. I have even seen fuel injection services quiet horrendous carbon knocks--a knocking noise from the engine due to excessive carbon build-up coming in contact with internal engine components. Whether or not fuel injector cleaning auto maintenance will do all the above every time is another story. The most important factor is the vehicle's condition. If a vehicle has been poorly maintained, run on cheap gas, and abused, a fuel injection service may do miracles.  If the vehicle has been maintained according to manufacturer guidelines, an injection service is likely not needed.

How often should it be done? It depends on the product used, but generally between 15,000 to 30,000-miles is the average if your car is idling poorly or was hesitating while accelerating you may need this service. 

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 Oxygen Sensor
What it Does


Oxygen Sensors measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases and send a signal to the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU monitors the signal and accordingly adjusts the amount of fuel entering the engine, keeping the air-fuel ratio closer to stoichiometric ratio. Thus, an Oxygen Sensor optimizes the performance and fuel efficiency and minimizes emissions.
How Does the Oxygen Sensor Work?
     An Oxygen sensor is installed in such a way that one of its surfaces is in contact with the exhaust gas flow and another surface with the outside air. Oxygen sensors do not measure the concentration of the oxygen gas in the exhaust gas, but measure the difference between the amount of oxygen in the exhaust and in outside air.
     Based on the oxygen quantity in exhaust gases, voltage signals are provided constantly to the ECU so that it can maintain a stoichiometric air fuel ratio by regulating the fuel injection.

Why and How Often should I change my Oxygen Sensor?
     Oxygen sensors play an important role in both fuel efficiency and engine performance. If Oxygen Sensors are not performing well, it leads to lowered performance of the engine and poor fuel efficiency which ultimately decreases your vehicle's driveability. Hence, it is of utmost importance to keep the Oxygen Sensors up to the mark for the longevity of your vehicle and to receive efficient performance from it.
     Every vehicle manufacturer has different recommendations on how often the oxygen sensor should be changed. It is specified at the beginning in terms of mileage or time period depending upon expected day to day use of the vehicle. However, it is strongly advised to get it checked at regular intervals as it depends upon gas-containment, as well as local weather.
How do I know that my Oxygen Sensor is not working properly?
There is no particular symptom that indicates malfunctioning of Oxygen Sensors.   One case would be drastic decrease of fuel economy or mileage. Also, you need to check your Oxygen Sensors if the engine is not responding quickly or showing less power while running. Other reasons may include engine hesitation, engine stalling, increased exhaust emission, rough idling and engine pinning.
What are possible causes of Oxygen sensors to be damaged?
Your car's Oxygen Sensor can get damaged from the following

  • By incorrect use of silicone gasket sealers.
  • Oil deposits on the outer surface.
  • By Antifreeze
  • If the engine runs on a rich air-fuel mixture for a long time
  • By natural aging or accident shocks.
    We carry oxygen sensors of many brands.


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